Want to go to school? Want to buy a house? Need a copy of your credit report? Want to relocate? Click here for helpful resources.

Ideas for How You Can Help Other Women in Your Current or Previous Situation:

There is no limit on what you can accomplish after you get out of your abusive situation. By helping yourself now, you can help other women once you get out of your situation. We need you. Are you listening?

  • Social Service careers (Crisis Counselor, Social Worker, Psychologist, etc.)
  • Nursing careers that handle rape cases (SANE Nurse.)
  • Legal Careers (Domestic Violence Unit, Police Officer, Legal Aid, Criminal Justice, etc.)
  • Teacher
  • Finish school.
  • Go to School (Any major.)
  • Start a Non-Profit to Help Others
  • Volunteer for Hotlines (A certain amount of time after abuse is needed.)
  • Contribute links to this website by email webmaster@physicalabuse.info.
  • Find a need and volunteer your services.
  • Make sure there is information on how to go to school in low paying jobs. In other words, encourage other women in poverty situations to go to school.
  • Think of things that would have been helpful to you that would help others that have also experienced domestic violence and/or rape, etc. Take charge.
  • Help animals that are being abused. (Organizations out there that do that.)
  • Create a Life Skills Hotline (Pre-recorded messages of things women need to know.)
  • Send us links to domestic violence death (obituary) articles to webmaster@physicalabuse.info.
  • Visit a historical place about women in history or learn more about women in history.
  • Clip articles of people that you admire and would like to immulate.
  • Encourage a woman today and start a dream.
  • Get donations needed for coalitions. (Disposable cameras to document abuse, etc.)
  • Form a support or Life Skills group. Have women role models teach and motivate women. Take your experience and think about what you should have known and help other women in your situation.
  • Did we mention go to school enough? Learn whether it is at a school or non-traditional education!

We know that you need more than just a couple pamphlets and that you can expect more with your life. We need you too. Just remember, even baby steps make you move forward. Safety first!

If you have any additional ideas or suggestions to add to this list, please feel free to get in contact with us at webmaster@physicalabuse.info.

Please report broken links to webmaster@physicalabuse.info.

Don't forget to love yourself!

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